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Soil Carbon Sponge Workshop with Walter Jehne and Peter Bane

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This 2-day intensive seminar with Australian microbiologist and climate scientist Walter Jehne and permaculture expert Peter Bane will bring our group together in a deep exploration and discussion of how we can meet many of our most important goals with soil biology–by restoring the living, intelligent, water-holding, cooling, soil carbon sponge that used to cover most of the land around us. Walter Jehne–founder of Healthy Soils Australia, and one of the early researchers on glomalin, myccorhizal fungi, and root ecology– will be the main presenter each day.  He’ll be joined by Peter Bane, President of the Permaculture Institute of North America.


The seminar will be held on Agraria, Community Solutions Center for Regenerative Agriculture, in Yellow Springs, OH. Registration will be open soon. 

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For more information, visit or call 937-767-2826.