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Sherry Chen

Sherry Chen has lived in the Springfield/Clark County area all her life; her passion is the improvement of food security in her home community. She was one of a trio of three citizens who restarted the Springfield Farmers’ Market in 2006, co-managing it for its first four years, and is responsible for setting up the EBT program currently used there. She and her husband produced and sold free range, slow growth, organic chicken and eggs at both the Springfield and Worthington Farmers’ Markets for four years. They are very active members of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Sherry is the current chairperson of the BW Greenway Food and Farming Team, which publishes the Local Food Directory for this area and she has taught several local food information sessions as part of that endeavor. She has co-presented at the Miami Valley Planning Association conference on Barriers to Local Food Production, with other members of the Partners For The Environment Food Team.  Sherry served as the Farm Manager under a Farm to School Planning Grant in Springfield City Schools. She and Jonna Johnson formed Springfield Ohio Urban Plantfolk (S.O.U.P.) which is now cooperatively working under a Farm to School Implementation Grant with Springfield City Schools and Community Solutions.