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Sabrena Schweyer

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc

Sabrena Schweyer, FAPLD, is a national expert in sustainable design. Co-owner of international award-winning firm, Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc, in Akron, Ohio, she is best known for creating landscapes and gardens that are ecologically sensitive as well as beautiful, personal and healing experiences all for those who enter.
Sabrena and her husband/partner, Samuel Salsbury were the 2015 recipients of APLD International’s “Leadership in Landscape Sustainability Award, which recognized their "commitment to environmental sustainability through outstanding leadership, advocacy, projects, initiatives, writing and/or education, resulting in benefits to both nature and the practice of landscape design". Farm girl by birth, city dweller by choice, earth activist by nature, she serves on the board of directors of Great Rivers & Lakes Permaculture Institute, a new hub of Permaculture Institute of North America.