McGregor Hall, Antioch College, Yellow Springs

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Thursday, March 8:  Conservation Funding 2.0

9:30am | Registration and Coffee

10:00am | Conference Opening

    Krista Magaw (Tecumseh Land Trust), Susan Jennings (Community Solutions), and Brian Housh (Yellow Springs Village Council)

10:15am | Panel:  From Auction to Community Partnership

    Krista MagawSusan Jennings, and Sandy Hollenberg (Yellow Springs Credit Union)

11:30am | Workshop:  The Nature Conservancy's In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program

    Devin SchenkThe Nature Conservancy

12:00pm | Lunch

12:45pm | Workshop:  Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program

    Angela Adkins and Thomas HarcarikOhio EPA

1:30pm | Workshop:  Conservation Fund Partnerships for Acquisition

    Leigh Whelpton and Andrea FerriThe Conservation Fund

2:30pm | Break

2:45pm | Impact Investing

    John GuidugliHamilton Community Foundation

3:30pm | Gratitude and Announcements


Friday, March 9:  Regenerating Landscapes

9:30am | Registration and Coffee

10:00am | Welcome and Introductions

    Susan Jennings and Krista Magaw

10:15am | Jacoby Creek Restoration

    Amy HarperKrista MagawPeter Bane and Devin Schenk

11:15am | Workshop:  Policies for Health and Regeneration

    Amalie LipstreuOEFFA

12:00pm | Workshop:  Indigenous Agroforestry

    Solomon GamboaIndigenous Landscapes

12:45pm | Lunch

1:30pm | Workshop:  Regenerating Suburbia, One Garden at a Time

    Nadia Malarkey

2:15pm | Workshop:  Using Bio-Dynamic Preparations and Cover Crops to Generate Soil

    David ChalGreenacres Foundation

3:30pm | Break

3:45pm | Workshop:  Carbon Farming Update

    David Brandt and Peter Bane