Agraria Projects for Sponsorship

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It all started when…

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We hope to grade the whole front of the property to mitigate against some of the flooding (pic 1), erosion and overall property damage (pic 2) that is happening to the property. In addition, we hope to add a new driveway to make entering and exiting the farm easier and safer. We also hope to expand for some informal parking space behind the barn for events. $7,000

Install Barn Floor

 We need to replace one third of the barn floor on the second story. We hope to do this as soon as possible and to install the flooring using primarily Community Solutions Labor. $3,200

Replace Barn floor

As can be seen, we don’t have proper flooring on the other (south) side of the barn but only plywood. Because we hope to make this a social/educational space, we would like to replace this plywood to match the flooring in the center. $4,800

Extending the gutters

We would like to extend our gutters on the west face of the barn. As you can see, there are about 20 feet of gutter missing from either side of the center. This contributes to soil erosion around the base of the barn. $1,700

Foundation REpair

We have three areas in need of repair in the foundation of the barn—two corners on the southwestern end of the barn and one on the southeastern end. $7,068