Climate Crisis Solutions: Tools for Transition

September 25-27, 2015 Yellow Springs, Ohio


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Friday, September 25th

Preconference workshops 

1-5:30 pm Encountering Climate Change with Ma’ikwe Ludwig and Carolyn Baker

1-5:30 pm Crafting a Stewardship Economy with Nancy Deren 

Preconference Tours: All tours begin at Glen Helen Parking Lot 

1-3 pm Building Tour of Yellow Springs (Passive House, Strawbale House, Tiny House)  

1-3 pm Climate Change Tour of Glen Helen with Dr. Allen Hunt

3:30-5:30 pm Sustainable Garden Tour of Yellow Springs 

3:30-5:30 pm Sustainability Tour of Antioch with  Reggie Stratton

7:00 pm Friday Night Keynote: Living a Meaningful Life with Less with The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Milburn & Ryan Nicodemus)

Saturday, September 26th

8:30 am Sustainable is Possible! Living a Low-Carbon, High-Quality Life in the Belly of the Beast with Ma’ikwe Ludwig of Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village

10:20-11:30 am Presentations and Workshops, Antioch Campus 

  • Building a True Sharing Economy: Time Banks and Mutual Aid with Stephanie Rearick and Kat Walter
  • Resilient Gardening Panel chaired by Tim Honchel
  • What You and Your Group Can Learn from Intentional Communities—Even if You Don’t Want to Live in One with Laird Schaub

11:50-1:00 pm Presentations and Workshops, Antioch Campus

1:00 pm Vegetarian Lunch catered by Current Cuisine

2:20-3:30 pm Presentations and Workshops, Antioch Campus

3:50-5:00 Presentations and Workshops, Antioch Campus

5:00 pm Meet the Authors and Regional Meetups

5:45 pm Vegetarian Dinner catered by Current Cuisine 

7:30 pm Storytelling, Drumming and Singing with Carolyn BakerEric WolfHarold Wright, and Sol Rising

Sunday September 27th

8:30 am Peering Over the Cliff: Near-Term Human Extinction or Collective Transformation? with Megan BachmanCarolyn BakerSarah Byrnes, and Stephanie Mills.

10:20-11:30 am Presentations and Workshops

  • Breaking Up is Hard To Do: Moving our Money from Making a Killing to Making a Living with Nancy Deren
  • Upgrade Athens and the Yellow Springs Resilience Network with Sarah Conley, Duard Headley, and Roger Wilkins
  • Changing Things Where You Are Panel chaired by Dr. Kirk Rowe

11:50-1:00 pm Presentations and Workshops

1:00 pm Vegetarian Lunch catered by Current Cuisine

1:30 pm Community Solutions 75th Anniversary Celebration!

  • Arthur Morgan and Other Elders with Stephanie Mills, Ralph Keyes, and members of the Morgan Family
  • Arthur Morgan Award and Conference Close


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