MaryEllen Etienne

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MaryEllen Etienne provides ongoing input into the industry’s development, and helps businesses, municipalities and others incorporate robust reuse policies and strategies into their sustainability efforts. She regularly speaks about reuse and its triple bottom line benefits, and recently helped develop a national standard for sustainable resource management training programs as well as the first certification for zero waste facilities and professionals. MaryEllen is the CEO of Reuse Institute and the creator and producer of ReuseConex. She is also the founder of Reuse Alliance and co-founder of Creative Reuse Association and REUSE.International. She has worked with several other notable reuse and recycling organizations. She received her degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz, is on the board of directors of Association of Ohio Recyclers, Reuse Institute and SCRAP USA, and the advisory boards of National Recycling Coalition and US Zero Waste Business Council. She is the program director for the Solid Waste Disposal Authority of Central Ohio (

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