Jonatha and Harold Wright specialize in Ohio, Ohio Appalachian and Japanese stories, performing both solo and in tandem. Their ties to Japan stem from Harold’s career as Professor of Japanese Language and Culture at Antioch College, and the 14 years when they led college student study exchange semesters between Antioch and Kyoto Seika University. These careers provided the major sources for their Japanese stories. Their books, “Spine Tingling Tales of Old Japan” and “Flesh Crawling Tales of Old Japan includes many of their favorites.

The Wrights gathered stories and Oral Histories from elders in Ohio’s Appalachian counties through an OAC grant to the Appalachian Highlands Storytelling Coalition’s Project Save Our Stories. They have taught storytelling at several Ohio Colleges including Antioch College, Antioch University Midwest and Sinclair College.

Harold Wright will be performing Saturday September 26th.

Contact: jh@jonathaandharold.com - 937-767-9823 

Website: http://www.jonathaandharold.com