Nadia Malarkey

Nadia Malarkey is a garden and landscape design professional who began her practice in 1996. She specializes in providing a comprehensive and personalized landscape design service throughout the Midwest and beyond. Her work is synonymous with creating spaces that are architecturally dynamic, aesthetically pleasing and ecologically regenerative. In developing each design Nadia considers the possibilities and limitations of each site, the architecture of the home, and the particular wishes of the client. She then develops a design where harmony, rhythm, and aesthetic integrity combine to create a unique and appealing sense of place.

Nadia's projects incorporate environmentally friendly practices to produce landscapes that enhance biodiversity and biomass while enriching our experience of the changing seasons. Many of her gardens exemplify how regenerative design, while addressing habitat fragmentation and climate change, can be elegant, uplifting and ever-evolving in surprising ways.

Nadia is a Pre-Registered Member of The Society of Garden Designers (SGD), UK; a Member of the Ecological Landscape Alliance, USA, the Yellow Springs Environmental Commission,  and the Yellow Springs Resilience Network. Nadia spearheaded the three part Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Series in Yellow Springs in collaboration with John DeWine and Michele Burns of Flying Mouse Farms, Doug and Kat Christen of Smaller Footprint Farm and ISA certified arborist, Bob Moore. She is also the founding member of the Yellow Springs Pollinator Regeneration Project.

Nadia continues to attend conferences and pursue study on the history and innovations in garden design, spatial design, ecological landscaping, soil health, environment and climate change.

In 2015, Nadia’s project entitled “Regenerating Suburbia” was selected as a Finalist in the annual SGD Awards for the category ‘Planting Design.’