Below are reviews of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. 


...the best "short history of Peak Oil" that I have seen anywhere!

Reviewed by Marc Franke

This film is highly recommended! It shows what is possible. Will the U.S. go back to horses and oxen for farming? It seems unlikely and hopefully our transition away from oil will be more gradual with more planning than Cuba could afford at the time. There areimportant lessons from Cuba for the rest of the world.


"We have a lot to learn from this unlikely role model"

Reviewed by Alisa Kane

I just finished watching a short documentary about life without abundant oil in Cuba, a small Caribbean island that most Americans associate with two things: embargo and cigars. In contrast, “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil,” presents a much richer portrayal of Cuba and the ways it transformed itself from oil and import dependency to a surprisingly resilient country with an economy rooted in localized food and energy production.


"This documentary gives hope and explains the transition that we need to embrace."

Reviewed by Cole

Jan 2007

I just wanted to write to say that your documentary is great! Inspirational and educational. Very well worth the $20!! It's a great guide for people who have come to understand the peak oil concept, but aren't thinking ahead or are overwhelmed by the seriousness of it all. This documentary gives hope and explains the transition that we need to embrace.

Well done on the great work  = )


The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Reviewed by Janaia Donaldson
Yes Magazine

Winter 2007 Issue

“The Power of Community” is creating excitement in localization groups, and with good reason. In this film, individual Cubans tell us how they responded to an artificially imposed “Peak Oil” in the 1990s, when the fall of the Soviet Union caused the loss of most food and oil imports. Their stories serve as a valuable model for a world facing Peak Oil on a global scale. Cuba’s transition to a low-energy society is hopeful and instructive.


How Cuba Survived its Oil Shock

Reviewed by Barry Healy

Green Left Weekly 

Mon Jul 24, 2006

"Peak oil", the notion that the world's supply of oil is entering a period of ever dwindling sources, is gaining greater acceptance, especially since the documentary The End of Suburbia was widely shown around Australia in 2005.

The End of Suburbia makes a powerful case for the seriousness of the issue, but is touched by a liberal Malthusianism that essentially communicates a bleak view of the future. This new production, from The Community Solution, a US alternative social education project with roots going back to 1940, looks instead at a positive example of coping with the oil crisis: revolutionary Cuba.