David Scott's solar powered life

David Scott purchased solar panels for his Home, Inc. home and tells how he uses the power for all his home needs and to charge his Nissan Leaf. David is actively working on renewable energy and other issues with Community Solutions.

William Beale - Arthur Morgan Award Recipient Describes some of his work

William Beale of Athen's County and his assistant Danny Briggs describe some of the innovative work William has done to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon. These include a biomass pyrolyzer, a solar array that has a net return to the grid and an electric car.

Paul Sampson's Solar Home

Paul Sampson lives on Jacoby Road and has built a highly efficient home using insulated concrete forms (concrete and foam) walls and renewable energy. He has roof mounted and pole mounted photovoltaic panels.

Reggie Stratton, Antioch's Director of Operations, explains the history of the Antioch solar array and how well it has performed.

Solar Panels for Powering a Straw Bale Home and Electric Car

Bob Brecha owns a straw bale house in Yellow Springs with solar thermal hot water and heating. He and his wife Katie are now constructing a straw bale studio to serve as her ceramics workshop. They installed solar photovoltaic panels to power their home and his new electric BMW car. Solar Power and Light was the vendor for the project.


How the Antioch Sheep Mow the Grass Beneath the Solar Panels