2015 Conference Review

The Climate Solutions Conference had a big impact on many of the attendees including local residents and college students from as far away as North Carolina.

The Environmental Dashboard Project Overview

John Peterson who is in charge of the "Environmental Dashboard Project" in Oberlin, OH, provides an overview of how the technology works. This presentation was for the Antioch community. Antioch has received a grant from the Great Lakes College Association to install Dashboards on Antioch's campus.

Research on Dashboard Effectiveness in Oberlin


Cindy Frantz of the Oberlin Dashboard Project describes the research that has shown how effect the technology has been in lowering energy use in Oberlin as a community, the college and the schools.


Dashboard Impact in the Oberlin Public Schools


Antioch has received a grant to install "Dashboard" feedback stations around the campus. The hope is to extend these dashboards into the schools and community.