Climate Change and Food Security

Bob Brecha, Director of the Hanley Sustainability Institute at the University of Dayton, shares his perspective on how climate change will impact food security around the world.

How Tecumseh Land Trust is Protecting Farmland

Krista Magaw of the Tecumseh Land Trust shares how TLT is working to preserve farmland in southwest Ohio.

Ohio Food and Water Quality Issues

This video features Amalie Lipstreu of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), discussing the food security and water quality issues facing Ohio.

"The Earth Breathes" Said Bob Brecha at Climate Crisis Conference

The following videos cover Bob Brecha's presentation at the Community Solutions Curtailment Conference in the fall of 2014. This particular segment is about how the carbon cycle works and how it is becoming increasingly unbalanced.

Bob Brecha, The IPCC Report


Bob Brecha, Solar Energy in Germany