Nicole Foss on simplification

Nicole Foss on the inevitability of the next contraction in the economy and how to be prepared for it. As fossil fuels run out and decreasing marginal returns for energy set what will the future look like?

Brett Joseph on Resilient Communities

Brett Joseph directs the non-profit Center for Ecological Culture and the Cleveland Educator’s for Sustainability.  His consulting practice builds on his 20 years of experience as an environmental attorney, organic farmer and community organizer. He is an organizational systems consultant, researcher and educator. He shares how Cleveland's housing crisis has led to the spread of urban farming, how agriculture can sequester carbon and how the concept of the "commons" has changed over the past few centuries.

People's Climate March NYC

Over 50 local residents and Antioch students attended the People's Climate March in New York City on September 21st 2014. This march led to the formation of what is now the Yellow Springs Resilience Network.

Earth Quaker Action Team Wins Mountaintop Removal Campaign Against PNC Bank


Alice Robrish, a member of the Yellow Springs Friends Meeting, shares how local Quakers organized actions at two PNC Banks in support of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) multi-state Day of Action on Dec 6, 2014. For five years EQAT campaigned to get PNC Bank to stop financing mountain top removal coal mining and this Spring PNC Bank announced it's stopping the financing.


Yellow Springs Residents Visit Oberlin's Climate Action Plan Group


Marianne MacQueen, Faith Morgan, David Westneat, Al Schleuter, Susan Jennings, Duard Headley, Kat Walter, Eric Johnson, Don Hollister, Mark Ewalt, Rick Walkey and more visited Oberlin in January 2015 to learn about their climate mitigation efforts. Doug McMillan who is Oberlin's Energy Services and Sustainability Manager presents a powerpoint on their efforts.


"This Changes Everything" By Naomi Klein Reading Group


Marianne Whelchel and Al Schleuter share how they created and participated in a local book group that read "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate." The group was so moved by the book's message that they started several initiatives around climate in Yellow Springs. Hear them talk about these exciting efforts.