Julia Honchel's Antioch Senior Project on Edible Greens

Julia Honchel researched nine edible greens that can be easily foraged in the Yellow Springs area. She shares what to look for, how to avoid eating plants which might resemble these greens but may cause health problems and what the nutritional value of these greens are.

Lisa Daris on Slow Money Ohio

Lisa Daris shares the power of slow money and how it developed in central Ohio. The local food movement is growing in central Ohio, with new community gardens, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) ventures, and farmers markets appearing each year. But to make local food the norm instead of the exception, we have to rebuild our local foods financial infrastructure. That's what slow money is all about.

Fish Farming in Yellow Springs

Kriston Horn is a local resident who has begun fish farming in his basement. Here he shares some of the skills he has learned.

Hoop House Farming

Al Schleuter gives a hilarious and informative talk on how he grows lettuce year round using hoop houses he constructed.


Composting Workshop

Jim Merkel Talks with Cara from Patchwork Gardens

Cara Hodges from Patchwork Gardens (Trotwood, OH) shares her feelings about working in a Community Supported Agriculture farm with 200 members and her values after living in Belarus.

Kat Christian Tells How the Antioch Farm's Sheep Mow the Grass Beneath the Solar Panels