Ma’ikwe Ludwig is the Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage's nonprofit branch, the pioneering sustainability educator who heads up Ecovillage Education US, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. She is an inspiring public speaker, a regular contributor to Communities magazine, and the author of Passion as Big as a Planet: Evolving Eco-Activism in America, which focuses on the intersection of spiritual and personal growth work, and sustainability activism. Ma'ikwe believes strongly that living sustainably is possible-- even in the belly of the beast here in the US-- and that it will depend largely on our capacity for creativity, courage, compassion and cooperation. Her current passions are education about climate disruption, and particularly economic reform and anti-racism work related to climate justice. She has lived cooperatively since 1996, where she raised a son who is now happily off at college.