We’ve held an annual conference nearly every year since 1940. In recent years we’ve focused on regeneration of our soil and our food system, both globally and locally through our Center for Regnerative Practice, Agraria. Prior to 2017, our conferences mainly addressed the problems of peak oil, climate change, and increasing inequity. Thousands of participants from around the U.S. have gathered to learn, share, and network at our conferences.

2014: As in the past, the conference was a way to share our current thinking on the climate crisis, peak oil, and solutions – thus our subtitle “The Power of Individual Action.” Many people wrote that they would have liked to attend but chose not to travel and generate more CO2 emissions. Thus it was a smaller group, about 75 people, who gathered to hear from both well known speakers as well as ordinary folks who are leading the way in personal CO2 emissions reduction. For an attendee review, read Climate Crisis and the Pursuit of Happiness by Erik Lindberg on our blog.

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Speakers at the 2014 conference were Richard Heinberg, Bob Brecha, Pat Murphy, Martin Heller, Jim Merkel, and Liz Walker. A panel on “Personal Lifestyle Choices” was led by Peter Bane and one on “Deep Cuts in Home Energy Use” by Linda Wigington. Two other panel discussions were also held “Should Curtailment Replace Sustainability?” and “Where to Begin – Individual or Community?”

Mario Arrastía, our guest speaker from Cuba, did not receive his visa from the U.S. in time to present at the conference. However, in December he received it and Community Solutions hosted him on a tour of the U.S. This culminated in his giving a talk in Yellow Springs in January, “Transforming Cuba’s Energy Future,” which we filmed and have included in the Conference DVD proceedings.

2008: Plan C – Individual and Community Survival Strategies for the Energy Crisis

2007: Planning for Hard Times – The Fourth U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions

2006: Beyond Energy Alternatives – The Third U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions

2005: The Journey Home – The Second U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions

2004: The First U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions

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