John Stock

John Stock is the Outreach Coordinator for United Plant Savers. In this role he serves as the plant sanctuary manager, host, and facilitator. He has a BS in Education from the The Ohio State University and has been educating people on issues surrounding the environment and conservation for over 23 years. John directs the United Plant Savers Internship Program and manages other UpS programs including Forest Grown Verification, the Botanical Sanctuary Network, Deep Ecology Fellowship, and more. In addition to his managerial duties he conducts some of the direct work in forest farming instruction and demonstrations at the sanctuary. John lives on 100 acres just a few ridges over from the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary and his land is part of the approximately 3,000 acre “Green Corridor” of Rutland, OH. Here he grows food, forest farms woodland medicinal plants, and manages the forest for non-timber forest products.