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Esmé Westerlund Art Showing

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Esmé Westerlund's Senior Capstone Project at Agraria: 

Grandmothers a Collaboration in the form of an Interactive Installation • Monday, June 18th, from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Held in the Agraria Barn on Dayton-Yellow Springs Road.

“My recent work has focused on creative and interactive storytelling as a form of personal and participatory expression, located in a deep exploration of empathy and affective listening. Grandmothers is centered on the production of artwork inspired by one-on-one conversations, revealing unusual stories about people and the complicated relationships found within their families. By utilizing various mediums and modes of expression, including digital and material, verbal and pictorial, written and embodied, this project will explore the active and/or absent roles grandmothers have played in different lives, from the perspectives of their grandchildren."

Esmé Westerlund is a fourth-year student at Antioch College, and will be graduating this June with a self-designed BA entitled: “a Humanistic Exploration of Visual and Embodied Storytelling.” Her Senior Capstone, Grandmothers, is a one-night event opened to the community. Esmé asks that if people are willing and able to bring food that is tied to one or more of your earlier memories, it would be a welcomed addition to the exhibition. “Food” being something that could take many forms, such as a box of store-bought cookies, a homemade dish from a family recipe, or dirt.