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Economics of Happiness Conference

Antioch University Midwest- 900 Dayton St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Join us as we explore the creation of vibrant, local economies with a radically different paradigm—a paradigm that focuses on meeting real human and ecological needs through our ties to community and nature – through an ‘economics of happiness’.

We’re gathering internationally-recognized leaders from the localization movement together with local leaders and activists for two days of plenary talks, panel discussions, workshops and tours on the global-to-local theme. Topics include the economics of local food systems, promoting local investment, social impact investing, workers cooperatives, mutual aid networks, closed-loop local systems, local currencies, and working together to create, as Charles Eisenstein writes, "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."

Highlights include tours of Agraria fields and barn, a preview of Jim Merkel’s film Saving Walden’s World and a closing performance by the World House Choir.

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