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Engagement Circle


Engagement Circle Facilitated by Ellen Dawson-Witt

If these are important to you:

Engaging in solutions (not despair) for the big issues facing humanity

Discovering what’s uniquely yours to contribute—and getting into action

Having a small, trusted community of like-minded peers to support you (and challenge you) on your path.

Please join our  Engagement Circle.  It’s a weekly gathering of 6-12 people committed to deepening their understanding of what’s needed to create a thriving, just and sustainable world (environmentally, socially and economically). It’s also about supporting each other in making lifestyle changes and becoming effective change agents. An Engagement Circle lasts 9 sessions (or more, depending on what the Circle decides together).

The resources at the heart of the Circle’s explorations are the 2014 International Book Award-winning Sustainable World Sourcebook and its activity companion, the Learning & Engagement Guide. The Engagement Circle curriculum, based on these two short books, includes:

Provocative questions for reflection and dialogue

Fun and revealing exercises to do as a group

Inspiring and moving short videos to view

Important websites to check out

Effective actions to take individually and together

We’re hoping that our Engagement Circle quickly becomes a powerful vehicle for each of us individually, and all of us collectively, to live up to our highest aspirations for ourselves—and to become part of the solution.

Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 13, at Community Solutions, in our new offices in the backside of  Sontag Fels on East South College St., Yellow Springs.  Can you attend? Please feel free to send us any questions. We’re hoping you can join us on this adventure.

For more information, please contact Ellen Dawson-Witt at