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Darryl Fairchild

Darryl Fairchild is the Manager of Chaplain Services at Dayton Children’s Hospital. He is an ordained United Methodist minister who preaches, teaches, and consults in local churches and is recognized as a community leader. From 2008-2012, he was the community organizer for Lift Greater Dayton, a local affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation and a part of Ohio IAF. He has served in a variety of ministries including local churches and as the Executive Director of the Greater Dayton Christian Connections. His primary focus in ministry is to initiate, sustain, and extend loving relationships. He is the creator of the Be A Better Lover blog ( 

Darryl graduated from United Theological Seminary and the University of Cincinnati (cum laude), and attended the Joint Doctoral Program at the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology. He has taught as an instructor at the University of Denver and United Theological Seminary. He is married to Kim with whom he has a daughter, Maya, and two cats, Spanky and Marley. In 1992, he was involved in a bicycle accident where he broke his back, damaged his spinal cord and became paralyzed. In his spare time he is an avid hand-cyclist, Bearcat basketball fan, and a botcher of simple recipes.

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