Chad Bitler

Greenacres Farm

Chad Bitler works as the Research Scientist at the Greenacres Foundation, a research and educational farm located in Cincinnati, OH.  His passion for his work stems from an interest in healthy eating, concern for the environment, and his love of gardening, and cooking nutrient-dense meals for his family.  Chad’s role at Greenacres allows him to study food production in its entirety – from its impacts on soil, animal, and human health, to its effects on our environment.   Prior to coming to Greenacres, Chad worked in nutrition research at University of Cincinnati’s College of Allied Health and Sciences.  Chad received his B.S. in Biological Sciences and also his M.S. in Nutritional Sciences from University of Cincinnati. 

Chad’s current focus at Greenacres is to investigate how agricultural production methods can impact the health of our soils, and the nutritional quality of our food. 

Current research includes:

· A collaboration with Michigan State University developing the largest dataset ever compiled on the nutritional quality of grass-fed beef.  The project compares 1000 samples of grass-fed beef harvested from across the United States with the goal of determining if production variables – such as genetics, seasonality, region, grazing methods, forage-bases, etc. – have an affect on the nutritional quality of the end products.

· A pilot study with Tufts University comparing the effects that vegetable production methods – such as conventional, organic, or biodynamic – may have on antioxidant levels in produce available for retail sale.

· A long-term study designed to investigate pasture cropping rotations for vegetable production to determine outcomes on soil health, product quality, and economic advantages for the farmer.

· Studying the impact of cover crops in a pasture-based production system.

· Monitoring soil carbon as a product of agricultural methods

Greenacres presentation on agriculture