Agraria: Looking Back, Looking Forward


2018 was a year of trailblazing at Agraria! We piloted educational programs, began early research, planted cover crops, and continued to hone our long-term vision for conservation, research, and food system support.

  • Over 300 people participated in workshops on fermentation, permaculture, seed saving, wildcrafting, herbalism, soil health, land evaluation, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration, as well as in visioning sessions.

  • More than 120 pre-K-12 students took part in experiential learning on Agraria’s land and in our barn and a further 50 students benefited from our support of a farm to school grant in Springfield.

  • Community Solutions’ grant writing efforts raised $109,500 towards Agraria’s educational initiatives.

  • We forged and strengthened academic, research, and outreach partnerships with 16 institutions and NGOs.

  • We kept members and friends informed with 40 emails and 209 social media posts.   

  • Our partner farmers began their work to regenerate Agraria’s soil and transition it to organic land.

  • Volunteers donated over 1000 hours of time clearing honeysuckle, assisting at events, photographing land transition, creating logos, and fundraising for Agraria.

  • Visitors to Springfield and Yellow Springs Farmer’s Markets were able to spend their SNAP benefits on local produce, thanks to our EBT machine program.

It was also a year of internal transformation, as staff and community members deepened their understanding of the importance of soil health to rebuilding ecosystems, repairing water and climate cycles, and building human health.

We look forward with excitement to 2019 and to the work we have planned, including:

  • Building our educational endeavors through a teacher training with regional educators and educating at least 600 regional students on the importance of soil health.

  • Working with The Nature Conservancy on the first steps of the restoration of Jacoby Creek and 50 acres of wetlands and riparian corridor.

We hope that you can help us celebrate these developments by joining us in 2019 for one of our workshops and events—check our calendar for details.

Thank you for your support in 2018! If you have not yet made your annual gift, please consider donating today. We are deeply grateful to all those who have helped to bring Agraria to life!

Best wishes for the New Year from all of us at Community Solutions.