Composting: Join the Revolution


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Written by Helmut Schimmel

It’s not just agriculture, but rather society in general, that is facing significant changes on a revolutionary scale. Crisis capitalism and easy credit pose a danger to sustainable development and the worldwide fight against climate change that is already underway. New ideas need to be supported and published so that they can eventually be implemented.

There is an ever-increasing discrepancy between the waste of natural power and resources in conventional composting methods (unavoidable losses in the forms of gases and liquids during hot composting) and the growing need to protect nature and the environment (through sustainable development to curb global warming). A solution is desperately needed. Composting is a part of the battle of opinions between humus management and ecological gardening and farming on the one side and Justus von Liebig’s so-called mineral theory, which serves as the foundation of the chemical industry and conventional agriculture, on the other side.