JJJ Automotive Thanks

Community Solutions Truck.jpg

Dear Mike Eid and JJJ AUTO Repair,

On behalf of all of us here at Community Solutions, we would like to thank you for your help and generous gift.  Our farm truck plays an important role in keeping day to day operations going and aids in our community outreach.

Your donation of time, materials and expertise, has played such an important role.  It has allowed our work to continue, as we strive to maintain a continued connection with the land that feeds our community.  For all of this, you and JJJ Auto Repair, will always remain a dear friend of Agraria and our mission, ‘’to explore and demonstrate the benefits of regenerative practices at multiple levels—from the environmental, economic, psychological and social, to their impact on human health and well-being.”

We would like to donate a plaque after you and JJJ Auto Repair as a thank-you for your wonderful donation and support of our mission.  The Nature Conservancy will soon begin to remove invasive species of trees and plants on our 128-acre property along the Jacoby Creek.  Native trees will be planted in their place, and a plaque will be displayed next to a tree of your choice to always remember your support and kindness.  

Will will keep you posted as we approach a date for the tree naming.

Sincerely, with all our hearts, we here at Community Solutions thank you!