Being the change is imagining how you wish the world would be, and trying to live in such a way that your actions contribute to making that vision a reality. In many ways, the social interaction and spiritual dimensions of community are more immediate and accessible to an individual’s initiative and influence than the economic and structural aspects of a community, and the choices we make resonate far more broadly than we imagine. Community Solutions’ conferences and educational work highlight home and work-based skills and tools that enable us to foster a network of working relationships among social activists and people willing to Be-the-Change in their own communities. This transformation in values and perspective is particularly explored through writings and workshops by Community Solutions Fellows, Carolyn Baker and Ma'ikwe Ludwig.

Each of us can empower ourselves to contribute to solutions by becoming educated and acknowledging our responsibility to the planet and its future inhabitants. Whether you are a beginner to this journey or one of our long time friends, we want to provide the resources that will empower you to enact your own place-based solutions--real change that starts in your body, your family, your home and your neighborhood.