Anthony Flaccavento

Author of Building a Healthy Economy from the Ground Up: Harnessing Real World Experience for Transformative Change

Anthony Flaccavento is an economic development consultant and organic farmer from Abingdon, in the heart of Appalachia.  His consulting business, SCALE, Inc, works with communities around the world to help build more locally-rooted, sustainable economies and healthier food systems.  Anthony was the founder of Appalachian Sustainable Development and a number of other ‘social enterprises’ in affordable housing, food and farming and forest and wood products.  He writes and speaks regularly about the economy,  sustainability, rural development and politics.  His You Tube channel, “Take Five with Tony”, covers many of these same topics in down-to-earth, five minute segments. 

Anthony was the Democratic candidate for US Congress in Virginia’s 9th District in 2012. He continues to work on more progressive political and economic strategies, in the 9th and across the nation, including two more recent initiatives:  Progressive Rural/red Economics, and Progressive 9th.  Anthony has a BS degree in agriculture and environmental science and a Master’s degree in Economics and Rural Development.   He is married to Laurel Flaccavento, a retired public school teacher, and has three terrific grown kids.