“At the age of 21, I initiated into adulthood through the portal of Motherhood. My daughter was born at home in Washington state, peacefully welcomed through the water and into my arms, surrounded by family and friends.  I was so uplifted, changed, and inspired by my birth journey experience that I enrolled in the Seattle Midwifery School’s doula training with the renowned doula researcher and author Penny Simkin, as well as a low residency herbal medicine course with David Hoffman through the California School of Herbal Medicine. Motherhood, Mystery, and Medicine making were intertwined from the start.  My second daughter was born at home in the high desert of New Mexico, where I also birthed a small herbal company, Love your Body Botanicals.  In 2001, after returning to Ohio with my two daughters as single mom, sole provider and soul nurturer, I  was prompted to return my focus to education in the healing arts, gaining skills and a license through the Ohio State Medical Board in massage therapy in 2003.  Since opening my practice in 2003, I have  continued to expand upon that license, cultivating a holistic integrative practice for supporting people in  healing, birth, and parenthood including perinatal massage/bodywork, newborn massage instruction, pediatric and adult craniosacral therapy, community herbal education, lactation support, childbirth education, trauma informed prenatal yoga, Somatic Trauma Resolution, Somatic Experience,Neuro Affective Relational Model of healing developmental trauma, and facilitating women’s circles. In 2006, I was invited to collaboratively start a Red Tent monthly practice in Yellow Springs with three other women, which grew into a thriving community of practice for many women, and became a container of growth, healing, and learning organically about embodied collaborative leadership.    In 2014, I completed a master’s degree in Health Arts and Science through Goddard College, where I had the opportunity to synthesize the interdisciplinary fields of somatic psychology, holistic bodywork, herbal medicine, and yoga/ mindfulness practice into work I call ReStoryative Somatics,  offering individual healing sessions, group practices, classes, and professional trainings.  Now that my daughter’s have flown the nest and are on their own educational life journeys, my newest adventure is as a PhD student at Antioch University Graduate School of Leadership and Change,  where I am swimming in the research of trauma informed leadership in the perinatal profession, and engaging empowering community change models for  healing across race, gender, class and power to support all of our communities to thrive. These are powerful days we find ourselves in, and cultivating CommUnity is powerful container for change.” — Amy Chavez