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Agraria is an educational and research center that explores and demonstrates the benefits of regenerative practices at multiple levels—from the environmental, economic, psychological and social, to their impact on human health and well-being. Soil regeneration is the root-bed of this work. Our farm property is rented out by up and coming farmers who work to utilize regenerative techniques to keep the land healthy for years to come. Our barn is a community gathering space and is perfect for educational exhibitions and other events. This project is ongoing and growing rapidly so contact us for updated information. Be on the lookout for upcoming events and make your own here at Agraria.

Agraria is a project of the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions.

The Nature Conservancy Partnership

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Agraria is partnering with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on the restoration of the Jacoby Creek and riparian areas on the land. Over the next few years, the TNC will remove invasive species along Jacoby Creek and its tributaries, replant the riparian zone with native species, restore wetlands, and re-meander channelized waterways. Fifty-five acres of Agraria are included in the restoration plan. Paths, signs, and outposts will be incorporated throughout the site.


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Agraria serves as a field site for area researchers to study soil and water health, the impact of regenerative farming on ecosystem services, the environment, the local food system and economy, and human health. Current partners include but are not limited to Antioch College, University of Dayton, Wright State University, Soil Carbon Coalition, and Central State University. Contact us if you have a research question you want to explore at Agraria!


Yellow Springs 3rd grade teacher Margaret Morgan helps her students document insect activity as part of their study of soil at Agraria

Yellow Springs 3rd grade teacher Margaret Morgan helps her students document insect activity as part of their study of soil at Agraria

As a Center for Regenerative Practice, Agraria is committed to outdoor, experiential education that increases students’ knowledge about soil and their personal connection to the natural world. Agraria offers a host of ongoing education opportunities for school-aged children to adults. We serve as a field site for area K-12 schools and the Hanley Sustainability Institute at the University of Dayton implementing project-based learning programming, we partnered with the Yellow Springs Montessori school to host a summer farm school, and we offer regular workshops, intensives, and certification courses for all. With our educational offerings, we help make the connection between healthy soil, healthy ecosystems, healthy people, and healthy communities, one person at a time.

To schedule a field trip to Agraria, please contact our Education Coordinator, David Diamond, at daviddiamond@communitysolution.org or 937-286-2511.

 Lesson Plans from the 2019 Soils For Life Workshop at Agraria

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Through opportunities for organic farmland rental, business partnerships, and our own business developments, Agraria supports a thriving local economy and resilient regional foodshed. If you are interested in pursuing a business partnership at Agraria, please contact us! We can host meetings on our property, create events together, and work towards a more sustainable world.