Celebrate over 75 years of of empowering resilient communities  

Community Solutions was founded in 1940 as Community Service Inc., by engineer and educator Arthur Morgan, to promote interest and understanding in the need to consciously develop the full possibilities of community life in small towns, rural areas and cities.  Morgan saw the strong and democratic small community as both the seedbed of virtues and an antidote to the ills of globalization. Morgan and CSI’s work helped inspire experimentation in community land trusts, intentional communities, cooperatives and local currencies.  Throughout its 75 years, Community Solutions has addressed the issues of the day through the lens of community. 

Today it focuses its research and educational efforts on how to live sustainably, with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the areas of housing, food, and transportation. Community still remains the context for the work of the organization. It sees community as a way of living that emphasizes cooperation, mutual aid, and mutual respect – a way of being and living together so that reduced energy use is more easily accomplished with minimal hardship.

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