The One-Hundred-Year Plan

Saturday, October 22nd 7:30pm

Jim Merkel

The One-Hundred-Year Plan film is a search for a path through turbulent times. We are the generation watching humanity devour earth.  Will we pass on a parched planet or figure out how to live within earth’s limits? Travel along to far-flung and unlikely places on a quest for a world that works for all.   

Currently the reins are in the hands of powerful corporate interests and governments. Through globalization, extreme extraction and land grabs our planet races toward catastrophe. Critical planetary boundaries are being exceeded leading to climate disruption, the 6th great extinction, grinding poverty and wars. Most leaders have no other plan but to grow the economy, stimulate consumerism, and stimulate couples to have more children--the very things that drive this crisis.

This film seeks to discover if a sustainable future is even possible and if so, what adaptations and practices would be necessary. The late systems thinker and author of The Limits to Growth, Donella Meadows, using extensive modeling suggested that humanity could avoid a dramatic collapse in the 21 century by having smaller families and footprints while using technology to reduce impact and enhance wellbeing.