Seeds of Peace

Saturday, October 22nd 3:15pm

Reverend Ann Fox

Careers in education, technical writing, and ministry all provided opportunities for The Reverend Ann Fox to participate in social justice causes. She embraced programs for the educationally disadvantaged, protested for peace in the Vietnam era and more modern conflicts, rallied for women’s rights, advocated for wildlife and flora greenbelts between towns in California, worked for marriage equality and transgender rights, and supported individuals and groups who worked for environmental causes. The Unitarian Universalist congregation Ann served for 13 years in Fairhaven (a town of 16,000 residents), Massachusetts, became champions of environmental justice. In 2007, they attained Certified Green Congregation status. They were instrumental in establishing in the town of Fairhaven a farmer’s market, an enhanced curbside recycling program, an environmental technology fair, and the establishment of community gardens on the church campus and in local elementary schools. Ann began to see that working for peace in the world and peace within the self is the psychological component of creating more wholesome and sustainable community. As an exemplar, Ann turned to the experience of the woman who walked 25,000 miles for peace in the 1970s and 1980s and called herself Peace Pilgrim. She has found that the teachings of Peace Pilgrim and those of the new age author and medical doctor, Deepak Chopra can guide us to develop peace within and peaceful action in the world, including in our interpersonal relationships. Ann will include in her talk the need for a Department of Peace in our country, perhaps in every country.