Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is a sub-sector practice of organic farming designed to build soil health or to regenerate unhealthy soils, while democratizing access to local, healthy food and revitalizing communities.

Some other definitions and descriptions of regenerative agriculture:

“By farming organically, we are regenerating the soil, returning the land to its natural state. We are also regenerating the health of ourselves and our family by reducing or eliminating chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Beyond our farm, by not using chemicals, we are regenerating the wildlands and local environment. Finally, we are helping to regenerate our communities by recycling organic waste that would otherwise be an economic or environmental problem.” - Rodale Institute

“Improved agricultural practices can help mitigate climate change by reducing emissions from agriculture and other sources and by storing carbon in plant biomass and soils…The objective is to reverse land degradation due to deforestation and inadequate land use/management in the tropics and sub-tropics through the promotion of improved land use systems and land management practices which provide win-win effects in terms of economic gains and environmental benefits, a greater agro-biodiversity, and improved conservation and environmental management and increased carbon sequestration.” - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

"Truly maximizing soil carbon sequestration across all the world's agricultural soils could literally soak up more carbon than we release each year." - Community Solutions Fellow, Peter Bane

“A mere 2% increase in the carbon content of the planet’s soils could offset 100% of all greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere.” - Dr. Rattan Lal, Ohio State Soil Scientist

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