Pollinator Gardens

Friday, October 21st 3:00pm

Nadia Malarkey

The three private gardens that we will tour are examples of the work I am engaged in to transform suburbia from the formulaic and chemically saturated footprint that dominates the country today to spaces that are healthy, bio-diverse, and beautiful. These spaces are designed to attract wildlife and provide support for our at risk native pollinators while serving as effective carbon sinks.

We will visit a typical suburban ‘planned unit development’ where a new build on 1/3 of an acre is being transformed into a bio-diverse landscape. Another project was an existing 5 acre property where we installed a large swathe of plantings that can be enjoyed from an upper story porch.

The third is a small ‘courtyard garden’ where the family can enjoy seeing pollinators and wildlife visit their garden both from their kitchen table and within the patio area surrounded with plantings.

Those planning to attend the Pollinator Gardens Tour, please gather at 3:15 in the Community Solutions Parking lot behind the Fels building  (800 Livermore St., Yellow Springs). The tour will happen rain or shine so please prepare accordingly.