Energy Democracy

Saturday, October 22nd 11:00am

Panelists: Bob BrechaNicole FossSellus Wilder, & Richard Heinberg

Energy Democracy is a new framework of looking at energy use through a multi-faceted lens-- including such factors as international and intergenerational equity, human health and agency, and decentralized ownership.  Join us as four authors, researchers, and activists reflect on their work and the intersection of energy use with climate change and economic instability.

Richard Heinberg will discuss his new book Our Renewable Future, co-authored with David Fridley, which outlines the promises and drawbacks of a system built on renewable energy.

Sellus Wilder will detail the community coalition that led to the defeat of the Bluegrass Pipeline, and reflect on the impact the fossil fuel industry has had on his native Kentucky.

Nicole Foss will give an up-to-date analysis on the status of the fossil fuel industry, and what it means for the international economic future.

Bob Brecha will talk about the renewable energy landscape in Europe and also reflect on the need for a rapid sharing of renewables technology with developing nations.