Media and Education

An important part of the Community Solutions mission is to research, create, and make available content pertinent to community living and cooperation, the threat of climate change, and a variety of communal and individual responses to it. 

We have completed two films, The Power of Community (2007) on Cuba’s response to the oil-supply crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union, and Passive House Revolution (2013) about cutting edge energy efficient building techniques. 

We offer an increasing number of opportunities for viewing content online, from clips on YouTube, our 2014 conference presentations on Vimeo, an email newsletter, blog entries, and feeds on social media. A wealth of other, often older, material is available from our extensive online Archive.

We have been presenting printed materials since the very early days of Community Solutions: books by Arthur Morgan and Pat Murphy (Plan C, The Green Tragedy: LEED's Lost Decade, Spinning Our Wheels, and Peak Oil War). We also produce a periodic print newsletter, New Solutions Reports

Throughout our history, we have organized and hosted Community Solutions conferences, attracting speakers and attendees from all over the world to discuss issues such as climate change and resource depletion.

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