Video of the Week

“The Yellow Springs' Climate Solutions Video Channel will provide a platform for educating our citizens about the impact of climate change along with tools to reverse the trend. More importantly, it will highlight how Yellow Springs has developed a working model for coping with a reduced energy future.” -President of the Yellow Springs Village Council, Karen Wintrow

David Scott's solar powered home

David Scott purchased solar panels for his Home, Inc. home and tells how he uses the power for all his home needs and to charge his Nissan Leaf. David is actively working on renewable energy and other issues with Community Solutions.

Thanks to the following sponsors who helped to get the first series of Energy and Climate videos produced.  To contribute to the next series, visit our donation page.

Yellow Springs Community Foundation • Douglas Throp • Ara Beal • Pablo Villar • Veronica Frost • Tim Wulling • Robert Dzugan • Paulyne Holten-Sinder • Mary Sue Gmeiner