Synopsis of The End of the Line

Sellus Wilder

When two major energy companies teamed up to ship hazardous liquids from the northeast to the Gulf Coast, they didn't count on the resistance they would encounter in Kentucky. Join a bluegrassroots coalition of farmers, activists, constitutional conservatives, and religious order as they join together against the fracking industry to defeat the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline. 

This true story captured national headlines when a group of Kentucky nuns (the 'singing Sisters of Loretto') joined the fight with an inspiring act of resistance. The ensuing drama played out across farms and courtrooms across the commonwealth, eventually reaching the halls of the state legislature. 

This documentary has been made to help other communities recognize that grassroots efforts can succeed even in the face of impossible odds. It shares some of the tactics and strategies that worked against the Bluegrass Pipeline, and it ultimately makes a case for a global transition towards renewable energy