Thank you for your interest in screening one of our documentary films, Passive House Revolution or The Power of Community.

Public, non-commercial screenings of the film are allowed with the payment of a $50 screening fee. This fee includes a copy of the film for an additional $7.00 shipping and handling fee in the continental United States. This includes the right to screen the film for educational purposes, film festivals, or for non-profit groups.  Once this fee is paid you may also charge an entrance fee or take donations at screenings to help cover your costs. 

Both film purchases and license fee may be made using our website, though slightly differently:

Purchase Passive House Revolution DVD

Purchase Power of Community DVD

Purchase screening license 

Please let us know when you have more details about the screening (where, when, contact number, and if it is open to the public), so that we can put it on our film website. You will find promotional materials on the film’s page. 

Bulk Sales Discount: We strongly encourage having copies of the DVD available for sale at screening events. We offer a 50% discount off the retail price for orders of 5 or more (shipping is not included). This includes a “right to return” on any undamaged unsold DVD’s (you pay return shipping). Please contact us at (937) 767 - 2161 if you would have difficulty paying this fee and we will try to accommodate you.

Donations to Community Solutions: We depend on donations to continue our educational outreach work on community-based solutions. Tax-deductible contributions can be made here. Thank you for your good work. Feel free to Contact us for more information.