Interactive Agraria Map


During our recent soils conference, we learned of a farm that was going up for auction on the western edge of Yellow Springs. A few of our members approached us, asking us to take the lead on the purchase of the most ecologically sensitive parcel. The farm was a conservation concern of Yellow Springs Village and Tecumseh Land Trust, because it contains Jacoby Creek, and had been identified as part of the Village’s green belt. Over the next few weeks, support for the development of a regenerative agriculture research center grew, and Community Solutions was able to purchase 2 tracts that included 128 acres of rolling farmland, a house, a barn, and a workshop.

Community Solution’s vision for Agraria is to restore the land through wetland conservation and regenerative agriculture. Currently, business plans are being drawn and zoning regulations are being assessed so we can develop a clear plan for the land moving forward. In addition to working with the Nature Conservancy to restore the wetland areas, we aspire to perform research on the development of healthy soil, raise organic livestock and produce, offer affordable farmland for organic growers, and provide educational opportunities on the land.

We want to hear your ideas and feedback! Please contact us to offer your input.

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