Community Activism

Sunday, October 23rd 11:00am

Dr. Michael GainesJonna JohnsonEric Smith, Winkie Mitchell, Brian Keith and The Promise Zone Crew, & Chebrya Jeffery

Activism and Organizing come in many shapes and sizes – and luckily variety is the spice of life!!  We have a panel of activists who will share their diverse talents and experiences ---- poetry, music, dialogue, a sit-in!?!  The panel presentations will be followed by a robust Q&A, bring your questions and kinetic energy!

The Promise Zone Crew is a group of elementary school students in a 10-week Hip Hop Culture Club that meets twice a week at the Springfield YMCA to learn and discover the 5 Elements of Hip Hop: Graffitti, B-Boying/B-Girling (break dancing), Emceeing (Rapping), DJing, and Knowledge. The Promise Zone Crew will share music designed to address the pressure of youth culture and alternatives to popular Hip Hop music. 

Chebrya Jeffery is a recent graduate of Wittenberg University, community activist, and poet. She will be reciting her poetry.