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Bicycle Trail Support Night Helpful

Susan Jennings discusses the Agraria Bicycle Trail with community members.

On Tuesday, January 9, Community Solutions held a public comment night for the proposed bicycle and walking trail from Yellow Springs to Agraria. A small but enthusiastic group of local residents stated their support for the trail, which will connect Yellow Springs High School/Middle School and the village to Community Solutions’ new center for regenerative land use. Community Solutions’ goal is that the farm serve as a multifunctional center for research and education on regenerative practices that benefit the landscape, those who work it to put food on our collective table, and the economic and social fabric of the larger community. Since the land was purchased, a bicycle and walking trail has been considered crucial for plans at Agraria.

Community members provided many helpful insights and ideas, as well as excitement. Some focused on the safe access the trail will provide to volunteers helping with Jacoby Creek and farmland restoration at Agraria, and to children coming to the farm for education and fun. Others saw the trail integrating with the village’s developing Active Transportation Plan to provide connectivity between Agraria, the high school/middle school, and the rest of the village. Some also imagined the path’s economic benefits, since it would link the village with Agraria’s planned businesses.

Community Solutions is preparing to apply for a Clean Ohio grant to fund the proposed trail. The Active Transportation Plan process represents a terrific opportunity for collaboration.  In the meantime, we are grateful for all your support and creativity. We’ll be posting the latest news about this trail and our other projects on our social media accounts. Just remember, when you go to our website——or write us an email, to leave the “s” off “solutions.” Consider it a sign of our “singular” history in Yellow Springs!