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Peter Bane discusses how to cool the planet with natural systems

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Written by Community Solutions fellow Peter Bane

Peter Bane has outlined what Walter Jehne presented about cooling the planet.  I think this has the power to pull us back from a climate collapse if we get acting now.  Here are some concepts that are being talked about:

Walter Jehne at the recent 3 day intense soil seminar offered the concept of “Net Carbon” where starting 1.2.3 years in the future every one must start sequestering the same amount of carbon they are adding.  This would be ramped up over a number of years and would require some to seek carbon offsets while others could change the balance of what they were doing.  It has the advantage of not being a TAX.  Just who would have to comply and how the compliance would work is a work in progress.  Land management sequestration could become highly sought after.  And yes the corporate boys could distort the playing field but they also could help to drive implementation of the system.  Abe Collin’s measurement technologies would be a piece of the puzzle as would Jeff Woolf’s Terrapass which does this now on a voluntary bases for those who feel the need of offsetting their emissions.  All this does not address carbon reduction through efficiency nor cost shifts that might occur to more disadvantaged people but it would send a message to all that externalities must be considered.

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