Finding Our Frontlines

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Introduction by John Foran

This special edition of Earth News is devoted to attempting to begin to tell the story of what has been happening at Standing Rock through reports from some of its key participants and observers.  There is no doubt in my mind that this front in the epic struggle for global climate justice – and so much more – will be recognized in the future as a crucial epicenter, a ground zero, of our movement, because it marks a convergence of indigenous actors with other people of color and white allies to confront major corporations of the fossil fueled-drive to our extinction.  Its ramifications – politically, economically, culturally, and existentially – will be many.

As you read, keep in mind that ninety percent of the text is from the pieces I have gathered to tell the story.  My voice enters in mainly to briefly introduce each one.  Thanks to all the original authors and sources of the stories; unless otherwise noted, the images also come from the stories reproduced here.  Please refer to each piece for the complete story in each case, as I have only published extracts here, as is the way with Earth News in general.