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Happy Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, and Halloween!

Written by Jonna Johnson

Let us use these days to enjoy the thin veil between the worlds, commemorate friends and loved ones who have passed on, and scare the pants off one another.  This time of year offers us a fun way to rejoice with our ancestors, and appreciate the cycles of life and seasons.  Doing so can bring more tradition and rhythm into our lives, as well as joy and love.  We can celebrate by creating seasonal foods together, make leaf-creatures with the kids (your own kids or borrow a few), carve interesting pumpkins, create autumn-inspired crafts as gifts and decorations, and more.  Below are links to help create less waste and more meaning this holiday season.  And remember, 95% of chocolate is produced using child labor, human trafficking, and/or practices that devastate the land (according to Equal Exchange and others).  Please search the network for fair trade, ethically-sourced, community-based, and/or organic candy in your area!

Americans consume millions of pounds of chocolate per year, but where does it all come from? Forced child labor and child trafficking are a rampant, documented problem in the conventional chocolate industry, but big companies have done little to solve this crisis. So what can you do?

The Dark Side of Chocolate, a film by Miki Mistrati and U. Roberto Romano, is easily accessed and viewed through a quick internet search.

Below are sites that offer tips on sustainable Halloweens – the most sustainable suggestion, of course, keep Reusing that which already exists!!!