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2007 Conference Proceedings DVDs

Presentations from “Planning for Hard Times: The Fourth U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions.” Featuring David Korten, Dr. Thomas Princen, Richard Heinberg, Linda Wigington, Judy Wicks, Sharon Astyk, Pat Murphy and Megan Quinn Bachman.

Full Set (10 DVDs): $124.00 + SH
Individual Discs: $10 to $20 + SH

If you prefer to send a check, download the order form here.

Send me 1 Full Set of DVDs shipping
Individual DVDs:
Opening and Closing: Pat Murphy, Megan Quinn Bachman and Richard Heinberg ($10)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
David Korten: The Great Turning – From Empire to Earth Community (Keynote plus Q&A) ($20)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Pat Murphy: "Going Home"–The End of Industrial Agriculture ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Larry Halpern: Low-Tech Home Energy Retrofit & Bob Steinbach: Riders – the Missing Ingredient in the Jitney Model($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Linda Wigington: Achieving Deep Energy Reductions in Existing Homes ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Sharon Astyk: Home Economics 101: What’s For Dinner in Hard Times? (includes Personal Preparation Panel) ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Thomas Princen: From Efficiency to Sufficiency: Principles for Sustainability (keynote plus Q&A) ($20)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Richard Heinberg: Peak Everything–The Coming Century of Decline ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Judy Wicks: Local Living Economies ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
Megan Quinn Bachman: Curtailment and Community – Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change (includes Localization Panel) ($15)
Send me 1 DVD shipping
For multiple quantities, please contact us via email or call 937-767-2161.
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